Patio Design and Installation

A patio is a popular feature outside many homes. It makes for a practical and usable outdoor space that can be covered if needed for use in all weathers. Patio design has come a long way in recent years. No longer is it the norm to simply lay down rectangular concrete slabs. A huge variety of shapes, styles, and colors of patio slabs and tiles is available, and at iHomes Remodeling we work only with the best quality manufacturers to give our clients the most impressive results.

We can help with all patio projects from the simplest to more complex designs. The iHomes patio design experts will listen to your ideas and see if they are practical and achievable. We always do our utmost to create a patio that is as close to the client’s original desire as is possible. Do you have an idea in mind for a patio design? Get in touch, and let’s talk about it!

Free Design Service

When you get in touch with the iHomes patio design expert we will start by arranging to look at your chosen space. This will help us see if it is suitable for a patio, and also to measure for size to the finest detail. We’ll help you choose the right materials, color, and pattern – if a pattern is involved – and then we’ll draw up a plan and give you a free, no obligation quote for the project.

Professional Patio Design and Installation

You may be thinking of heading down the DIY route. That’s fine if you want a simple and small patio, but even if that is your aim, we ask that you let us give you a price. Most clients who come to iHomes are pleasantly surprised at how affordable our patio rates are, and we are sure you’ll be the same. A professional design and installation will always result in a top-class patio, especially when you engage us to do the job.

It costs nothing to get a quote from us and we want to hear about your ideas for a patio, so get in touch now and let’s talk about it.

Patio Design and Installation
Professional Patio Design and Installation
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