Hardwood Flooring Investment
Is Hardwood Flooring Worth the Investment?

When it comes to home renovations, few choices make as immediate an impact as the type of flooring you choose. At iHomes Remodeling in Houston, TX, we often get asked whether hardwood flooring is worth the investment. It’s a valid question, especially when you consider the variety of flooring options available. In this blog post, […]

Small Bathroom Renovations in Houston, TX
How to Remodel a Small Bathroom with a Shower

Remodeling a small bathroom with a shower can be a challenging yet rewarding project. At iHomes Remodeling in Houston, TX, we specialize in transforming compact spaces into functional and stylish sanctuaries. Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you maximize your small bathroom’s potential: Plan Your Layout: In a small bathroom, every inch counts. Start by […]

Choosing the Right Cabinet in Houston, TX
How to Choose the Right Cabinets in Houston, TX

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets When Remodeling? Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting opportunity to transform the heart of your home. One of the most critical decisions you’ll make during this process is choosing the right kitchen cabinets. At iHomes Remodeling in Houston, TX, we understand the importance of selecting cabinets that are not only […]

How long do engineered wood floors last? Houston, TX
How Long Do Engineered Hardwood Floors Last a Guide in Houston, TX

Engineered hardwood floors have become a popular choice for homeowners seeking the beauty of hardwood with added stability and versatility. At iHomes Remodeling in Houston, TX, we often recommend engineered hardwood for its durability and adaptability to various environments. But one common question we hear is, “How long do engineered hardwood floors last?” Let’s explore […]

Unique Kitchen Cabinets in Houston, TX
Unique and Stylish Cabinets in Houston, TX

How to Make Stylish and Unique Modern Kitchen Cabinets Modern kitchen cabinets are the cornerstone of contemporary kitchen design, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. At iHomes Remodeling in Houston, TX, we understand that creating stylish and unique modern kitchen cabinets requires a blend of creativity, quality materials, and attention to detail. Here are some […]

Engineered VS Hardwood Flooring in Houston, TX
Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Hardwood: Which is Better?

Choosing the right flooring for your home can be a complex decision, especially when considering the timeless appeal of hardwood. At iHomes Remodeling in Houston, TX, we often encounter homeowners torn between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Both have their advantages and suitability, depending on various factors such as climate, usage, and aesthetic preferences. Let’s […]

Luxury Vinyl in Houston, TX
Luxury Vinyl Flooring in the Home in Houston, TX

Luxury vinyl flooring has become increasingly popular for its versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal. At iHomes Remodeling in Houston, TX, we often recommend luxury vinyl flooring to our clients for various rooms in their homes. But is it suitable for all rooms? Let’s explore the advantages and considerations of using luxury vinyl flooring throughout your […]

Home theater room with hi-fi sound system and white lounge chairs.
Top Remodeling Ideas for your Houston Home

At iHomes Remodeling, we understand that your home is more than just a place to live; it’s a reflection of your unique style and a sanctuary for you and your loved ones. That’s why we’re excited to share our top remodeling ideas, tailor-made for transforming your Houston home into a haven of enhanced functionality and […]