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The Best Type of Carpet for Your Home

The traditional method of covering floors in homes is the carpet. Available in a simply bewildering array of colours, patterns, and types, to choose the best you need to know about the different types of carpet. There are two main categories of carpet: natural, which is a carpet made from wool, and synthetic where the fibre is man-made. Wool carpets are wonderfully soft and luxurious, yet expensive and increasingly uncommon. The preference is for synthetic fibres – which can in fact replicate the feel of wool – and there are three common types of synthetic carpet.

The Three Types of Synthetic Carpet

Nylon has been used as a carpet fibre for many decades. The softest form of synthetic carpet – as well as the most durable – is popular in rooms that feature heavy footfalls. Nylon holds its colour surprisingly well and, with a minimum of maintenance, can last many years without fading. A nylon carpet will be priced beneath wool, but above the other synthetic options. Olefin carpets are made from fibres that come from petroleum products, known as polypropylene. This type of carpet is commonly used in areas where dampness may occur – outdoors on a patio, for example, or in a basement – and is highly resistant to wear and tear, as well as being stain resistant. An olefin carpet will be cheaper than a nylon example. The final type is polyester, a man-made fabric that holds color well, is fade-resistant, and is hypo-allergenic. Usually used in rooms with low footfall – polyester is less durable than the above – some examples are made from recycled plastic, making this the most eco-friendly carpet apart from wool.

Which Type of Carpet is for You?

We have given you the basic information you need about the different types of carpet. If you are looking to buy new carpets, why not get in touch and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team? We’re here to help, and we have the expertise and experience to help you decide which is the right type of carpet for all your rooms.
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