Attic Bedroom Conversion


Our special flooring pricing is not based on lower-quality flooring products. We think that each customer deserves the best flooring products in their home. Providing industry-leading quality floors at a low price is our way of saying thank you to all who choose us to provide installation services in their home or business.

1/2 Price Flooring Details

  • We only work with flooring installers who have years of experience, installing to spec and using the industry standards to assure a lasting installation.
  • Fast and accurate installation means less disruption in your home or office life.
  • Guaranteed quality installation and warranty on all of our flooring products.
  • When you buy flooring and installation services from iHomes Remodeling you will get the 1/2 price flooring of your choice!

Why Such A Great Deal?

iHomes Remodeling wants the best for all of our customers. We find many of our clients can upgrade to a better flooring product by providing unbeatable pricing. This means they get more value instantly, their floors look great and last longer and we look at this as a win-win situation. By discounting our flooring product, you can get more when you choose to work with us, it’s that simple.

How Do I Get Started?

Let’s schedule a free flooring consultation to see how our team can get your flooring project started today.